[Project_owners] Drag and drop to reorder a custom tree view

David Murray lid2000 at aanet.com.au
Tue Jan 30 06:19:20 PST 2007

Yep, what the subject says. I've got a one column custom tree view built 
from an array, and I want to be able to drag the rows up and down to 
reorder the tree/contents of the array. The problem is, I have no idea 
what to do. All the stuff I can find on the net is for dragging/dropping 
XUL elements around or transferring stuff between windows - all I want 
to do is move rows up and down. I've tried applying the same sort of 
stuff, but I'm getting nowhere. Does anyone know what I should be doing? 
I'm guessing grab the row at the start of the drag, then grab the row 
the mouse is over after the drag, and then insert that into the array 
and invalidate the tree (and somehow change the mouse icon)... but this 
is all new territory for me. Surely it can be done without poking 
through a tonne of XPCOM stuff?

Any help would be appreciated x100000.


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