[Project_owners] Somebody wants to hire me to write a Firefox extension (or perhaps not).

eric.jung at yahoo.com eric.jung at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 21:00:17 PST 2007

He mass-mailed list subscribers. Here is my communications with him:

Hi Eric, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have 
indeed contacted several developers. I got your address at http://mozdev.org/pipermail/project_owners/. 


I'm afraid I'm too small an entity for you to work with as 
you usually work with Fortune 500/1000 companies. I can't afford you. 


But thank you anyway for getting back to me 


All the best,




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extension developer

I imagine this was a mass-mailing on your part. Although I am 
interested, I do not bid on a project basis. I typically 
work with Fortune 500/1000 companies rather than 

Eric Jung
p.s. out of curiosity, where did 
you get my email address? addons.mozilla.org?

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Subject: Seeking Firefox extension developer

Dear Eric, 

I saw that you have a background in developing Firefox / 
Mozilla extensions. I 
was wondering if you might be interested in the 
following project:

I want to have a Firefox plug-in created that allows 
the viewing of multiple Web 
pages by "stitching" them together vertically in 
what would seem like a single, 
continuously scrollable web page. It's an 
alternative to tabbed browsing. The idea 
is to remove the interruption 
inherent in having to go from one tab to another and 
instead enable a 
viewing of a set of multiple Web pages in one uninterrupted, 
"scrolling down" motion. 

This viewing mechanism is already implemented 
in a server-side Web-based 
application at www.quickbrowse.com, a 
service I created in 1999. But that 
mechanism nowadays does not quite work 
anymore with an increasing number of 
Web pages, mainly because of issues 
with authentication mechanisms, certain 
sorts of Web page contents, etc. 

For a demo of a stitch-together page please see www.mflinks.com/qb. This 
a Quickbrowse page made up of pages from CNN, the Washington Post and 

Yahoo. It also shows the problems of the current server-side mechanism, such 
the significant loss of original page layouts. 

The idea is to do 
it client side, through a Firefox extension, and thereby make it 
work with 
any and all kinds of Web pages. 

As with a set of tabbed pages, one 
should be able to save a Quickbrowse page as 
a single bookmark. 

"Quickbrowse plug-in" should work with all kinds of Web page content 
etc) and any username / password / subscription authentication 
Cookies, passwords etc need to be cashed as needed. Each individual 
needs to be displayed with all formatting and components (JavaScript, Flash 

etc) intact and operational. 

I may want to integrate Google text ads 
as a revenue option.

I expect that additional ideas for features will 
surface as the specs are 
discussed in detail.

If you are interested 
in creating this plug-in, please let me know a ballpark figure 
of what you 
would charge for it (I am just a one-man operation, with a modest 
and how long it would take you to develop something like this. Also, if 
could send me a resume with a list if past projects that would be great. 

Also, please feel free to pass this on to others who might be 

Thank you!



mail at marcfest.com

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Subject: [Project_owners] Somebody wants to hire me to write a Firefox extension (or perhaps not).


Somebody emailed me asking if I were interested in being paid to write
an extension, but when I replied my message was caught in his spam
filter. He must be wondering why nobody is replying to his inquiries
despite dangling $$$ at potential developers :)

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