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I understand now.

You can "extend the syntax" of the <form/> tag by checking the DOM in your extension after a POST/GET for <form/> elements which have attributes of security="openpgpgsigned". You can do this either with the DOM API or XPath. DOM API example:

var forms = document.getElementsByTagName("FORM");
for (var i in forms) {
  if ("OPENPGPSIGNED" == forms[i].getAttribute("SECURITY").toUpperCase()) {
    // do stuff

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eric.jung at yahoo.com wrote:
> I'm not sure what your actual question is?

There is no definite question. I'm looking for a coding partner that would like to help out to
implement one specific need of the project. Enigform currently detects which POST requests should be
signed by checking if the first field in the payload is "__ENIGFORM=ToBeSigned&". That's a horrible
approach. I want to extend the syntax of the <FORM> tag definition by adding a
SECURITY="OpenPGPSigned" parameter, INSTEAD of a hidden field, so Enigform does not need to inspect
each POSTs payload.

Sorry if my English is not good enough to make myself clear.


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