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Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman buanzo at buanzo.com.ar
Mon Feb 12 12:09:38 PST 2007

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Hi guys,

I'm the owner of the enigform project:

Although I'm subscribed to the dev-extensions mailing list, and I've googled and read, and tried
many different ideas, I'm still not having luck solving a small issue.

If any of you is willing to help me out a little bit, then I'll greatly appreciatte it.

Basicly, Enigform uses GnuPG to digitally sign certain requests originated by a form submission.
Of course, only those forms that require that security measure are signed. Currently, Enigform
identifies those forms by checking if the POST body has a certain NAME/VALUE pair in it, but that's
not a very good approach. I want to extend the <FORM> tag with a security="OpenPGPSign" value, or
use a better enctype. If any of you has some spare time... I'll be damned happy to get your help :)

This thingy might be published by SANS, an article on freshmeat, and the OISSG (a security
organization), so any help will be, of course, publicly acknowledged :)

Once I/we fix that, I'll be able to publish enigform at last. I won't bother this list again with
pleas for help! Thanks for your time! (and thanks mozdev for an excellent application hosting site).

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