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There wasn't an opportunity to order them. It was a promotional offer from the AMO team (or Mozilla) to encourage extension developers with extensions hosted at AMO to make their extensions compatible with FF 2.0 before FF 2.0 was released. I'm sure you could find some on ebay, though :)

I'm surprised they chose to print on the front and back. That, along with the high number of colors in the shirt, probably made them rather expensive.

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I must have missed out on ordering one of those t-shirts somehow.

Are there any extra's?

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Michael J Gruber wrote:
> Got mine as well now, shipped from the UK to Germany.
> "Firefox addon development team." Cool stuff ;)
> I'm not sure whom to say thanks to, so I just say: Thanks!
> Michael
> eric.jung at yahoo.com venit, vidit, dixit 2007-01-30 16:14:
>> My t-shirt arrived yesterday (29 Jan 07).
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>> Paul Roub venit, vidit, dixit 2007-01-25 16:32:
>>> Per
>> http://justcameron.com/blog/2007/01/16/firefox-2-add-on-developer-t-shirts/
>>> , quoting an IRC update:
>>>   "As of January 12th, the t-shirts were incorrectly shipped to Mozilla
>>> HQ instead of to extension developers. The shirts are currently on the
>>> way back to the t-shirt company to be shipped to developers. United
>>> States residents should expect to get theirs around the end of next week
>>> or beginning of the following week."
>>> So they hit a snag, and were estimating delivery this week.  I'm still
>>> waiting, too.   Perhaps things are still dragging on with the t-shirt
>>> company.
>>> -paul
>> Thanks for the info. Those will be some well travelled t-shirts ;) It
>> seems they might still appear before TB 2.0, yep!
>> Michael
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