[Project_owners] Searching in the current pag

Ámon Tamás sajt at amon.hu
Tue Feb 6 11:57:36 PST 2007


This is my first question sorry for the newbie...

I like to search a text in the current tab and select (or highlight) it. 
How can I make it easier?

What I want is the next:

The user can select in the browser something (texts and images for 
example) and (s)he can send this selection to a server (with some tags 
and other information) and when caming back again (s)he can see his 
selection again and (s)he can see the tags again.

I think the best way is saveing the selection (and the url), and when 
coming back, I try to search to this selection.

Thanks for every answers

Ámon Tamás

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