[Project_owners] Textbox with custom autocomplete

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sat Feb 3 11:38:28 PST 2007

David Murray top-posted:

> David Murray top-posted:
>> Whoops, nevermind - I found Neil's post from 2005 and it's what I'm 
>> after. Thanks!
> Wait, nevermind, I'm still stuck. If anyone's got a custom 
> autocomplete box working in Firefox 2, please point me to your code.

When I wrote the post the Mozilla Suite was the main product and I guess 
my code still works in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, just not in Firefox or 
Xulrunner. Unfortunately they changed the interfaces in such a way as to 
make it harder to implement (at least, implement sanely)...

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