[Project_owners] dialog icons - Firefox AND Seamonkey question

Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 30 12:22:43 PST 2007

--- Aaron Boodman <boogs at youngpup.net> wrote:

> On this same subject, I couldn't ever get the icons to work for
> Windows or OS X (on Firefox). Is there some trick, or are they
> unsupported?

They do work on Windows on Firefox. I can't speak for OS X. You just have to be extremely careful

1. Filename matches <window/> and/or <dialog/> id
2. Icons are in the right paths in the XPI (the paths seem to have changed over the years and from
application to application, but maybe that's just my bad memory)
3. They are .ico files. I know some OS's required .xpm files instead, but I don't remember which
platforms and which Firefox/Mozilla Suite/Seamonkey versions.

What sucks is that if you have more than one dialog, as many extensions do, each with different
ids, you have to duplicate the .ico and .xpm files once for each ID... bloating the XPI. This can
quickly add up: one of my extensions has 12 dialogs. I try to reuse the IDs, but this isn't always
possible since sometimes >1 dialog is open at the same time, and I often need to be able to close
the dialogs programmatically.

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