[Project_owners] PHP Not Respecting header()

Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at selvet.dk
Wed Dec 19 07:34:47 PST 2007

David White wrote:
> Doug,
> Thanks for the response. However, I may not have made myself clear...
> If I return the following:
> <?php
> header("HTTP/1.0 400 foobar");
> ?>
> I expect the recipient program to see the reason phrase as "foobar". But 
> what is sees is "BAD REQUEST".
> I understand that the reason phrase for 400 is shown in the HTTP spec to 
> be "Bad Request". However, the spec also says that this may be replaced 
> without affecting the protocol.
I kind of remember this from the http "specs".
"If the returned phase is shorter than xx, then show client version of 
error message".

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