[Project_owners] [Fwd: Getting mozdev.org Off Of Comcast's Email Blacklist]

Jesper Staun Hansen jesper at selvet.dk
Tue Dec 18 06:14:39 PST 2007

Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> On Sunday 16 December 2007, Douglas E. Warner wrote:
>> David, thanks for the report and the detailed information.  I'll get the
>> ball rolling and see what they say.
> Comcast says that the block has been removed, but hasn't provided us any 
> details so that we can track down any potential spam sources.  Let us know if 
> you experience any more problems like this in the future.
> -Doug

One possibility:
Some days ago did I receive a lot of spam mails that were with faked 
@mozdev.org addresses.
Perhaps they have blocked because of that.

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