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Nathaniel Jayme nbjayme at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 19:28:36 PST 2007


I'll be the last person to quickly point my fingers on
the devs as the fault of the quirk behaviours.  I am
really lost since I am not that well verse in the
inner working of Xulrunner/Mozilla code base.

I have suspected a memory leak somewhere and have
carefully redesigned my functions / objects / data
structures.  The code is working fine on a single page
and I have installed the leak detection extension and
no leak reports were generated upon closing the tab
that use my libraries.

I am building a ,  Free and Open Source Software (to
be release under GPLv3.0),xulrunner app and switching
pages in frame works a while until the iframe won't
load pages.  I can verify this because I have made a
debugging dump on the console.

I don't know of any bug description that could be
helpful in this kind of situation.  I used strace but
then, again, I'm not pretty sure how to interpret it.

Attached is the strace which I am hesitant to post in
mozilla bug because I don't know where the exact
problem is, in the first place. :(

I'll be very grateful for people here inclined to
assist me on this. I can send the XPI via private

Thanks in advance.


Nathaniel Jayme

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