[Project_owners] Firefox 3 - text fields inside list items

Adam Judson adamsplugins at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 04:30:55 PST 2007

Inside tamper data I insert entry fields into list items, into a list box.

In Firefox 3, I can't seem to use the mouse to give the entry field
focus, I need to press tab once the list item has focus.  It used to

Any one else seen this, or have a quick fix?  Any one have the URL for
Firefox 3 XUL etc. changes handy?


The code - from

   addDetailRow : function(parent, type, name, value, dataObjIndex) {
      var item = document.createElement('listitem');
      item.setAttribute("tamper.name", name);
      item.setAttribute("tamper.value", value);
      item.setAttribute(TamperPopupDialog.DATA_OBJECT, dataObjIndex);
      var ef = this.createEntryField(name, value);
      ef.setAttribute(TamperPopupDialog.DATA_OBJECT, dataObjIndex);
      return ef;

   createEntryField : function(name, text) {
      var cell = null;
      cell = document.createElement("textbox");
      cell.setAttribute("tamper.name", name);
      cell.setAttribute("tamper.ef.name", name);
      cell.setAttribute("value", text);
      cell.setAttribute("onchange", "TamperPopupDialog.valueChanged(this);");
      return cell;

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