[Project_owners] Should mozdev.org generate an updates.rdf file for our projects?

Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 14:30:11 PST 2007

--- "Eric H. Jung" <eric.jung at yahoo.com> wrote:

> All of this assumes incremental updates are still enforced by the extension manager, of course.
> If they're not, "aging out" makes sense.

According to David Mossop, incremental updates are not performed in firefox.

[17:12] <ericjung> mfinkle: do you know if the EM forces extensions to update incrementally?
[17:13] <mfinkle> incrementally?
[17:13] <ericjung> IOW, if a user has extension version 1.0 but update.rdf reports 1.0, 1.1, and
1.2, will the user update directly to 1.2 or first 1.1 then 1.2?
[17:13] <ericjung> FF 1.0 was incremental... but I don't know if that's changed. Do you?
[17:15] <ericjung> mfinkle: or do you know where I should ask this question (which mailing list?)
[17:16] <mfinkle> mossop: ping ^
[17:17] <Mossop> ericjung: I don't believe 1.0 was incremental. The current implementation
certainly isn't, it'll go for the newest compatible version it can find
[17:17] <mfinkle> I don't know if the EM scans the entire update.rdf before making a choice
[17:17] <mfinkle> there you go
[17:18] <Mossop> 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 had some bugs which meant it could get confused by the order in
the rdf, but that is fixed
[17:18] <ericjung> ok, thanks.
[17:18] <Mossop> Generally if you listed them in version order in the rdf then it should have
always spotted the newest version
[17:19] <johnm> I think he wants them incrementally though :P
[17:19] <ericjung> Mossop: I'm sorry to hear that. It means "conversion code" must remain in
extensions ad infinitum.
[17:20] <ericjung> Mossop: By "conversion code", I mean code that upgrades internal file formats
and the like.
[17:20] <Mossop> You can force that of course by dynamically creating the update.rdf based on the
currently installed version
[17:20] <ericjung> Mossop: I don't understand
[17:21] <Mossop> Personally I think it's a pretty bad user experience to have to say do 5
update/restart sequences just to get to the newest version
[17:21] <Mossop> ericjung: Well if user has version 1 installed, then only include version 2 in
the update.rdf, not version 3 and 4 and 5
[17:22] <ericjung> Mossop: How can you create update.rdf by user?
[17:22] <ericjung> Mossop: i.e., some users might be on 1.0 but others on 4.0.
[17:22] <Mossop> ericjung: You can include the currently installed version of the extension in the
update url
[17:23] <Mossop> So you could use that as a variable to a php script for instance, or even just
point it to update-1.rdf, update-2.rdf etc...
[17:23] <ericjung> Mossop: ah.

According to http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/install.rdf#updateURL, you can specify
substitution variables in the updateURL. Specifically, %ITEM_VERSION% in the URL will be
substituted with the current version number of the extension. This can be used to make incremental
updates easier.



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