[Project_owners] Should mozdev.org generate an updates.rdf file for our projects?

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Fri Dec 7 04:19:14 PST 2007

On Thursday 06 December 2007, Eric H. Jung wrote:
> You can get the list of applications with which the addon works from the
> install.rdf. That's how AMO does it.

Is this how project owners would prefer we determine what applications their 
project is compatible with (rather than them choosing)?

IE, would project owners prefer to have the applications automatically 
assigned to their project by mozdev pulling them from their install.rdf, or 
would project owners prefer to manually set them for their project?

Part of the use-case here is to allow users trying to find extensions the 
ability to search by their application to limit what projects show up, so I 
want to do what's best for both groups here.

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