[Project_owners] New download file RSS feed

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Wed Dec 5 14:20:36 PST 2007

We have added a download file RSS feed that is available for all sites to make 
use of.  This RSS feed is meant to provide updates of when files are added to 
a project's downloads folder (bug#3025).

The feed that can be controlled through the following two local_conf 
$local_conf_download_file_feed: enables the feed
$local_conf_download_file_feed_link: enables the feed link in the <head> tag

The link to the RSS file will be:

For example, this is a link to mozdev's downloads rdf feed:

The variables will be defaulted to OFF for until next Monday (2007-12-10) when
they will be switched to ON for all sites by default.  These can of course be 
changed in your site's local.conf file.

Documentation on the new config variables can be found here:

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