[Project_owners] cross-language unit test framework

Sergey Yanovich ynvich at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 04:52:36 PDT 2007

There is a fully functional unit test framework for mozilla at 

We are successfully using it to test our xulrunner app, but it may be 
very helpful for those who develop extensions for mozilla products and 
want to use unit testing.

The framework allows to create a test hierarchy, and check code in any 
XPCOM supported language. In addition to testing code, we use the 
framework to test parsing of all our chrome.

The framework is specifically designed to allow automated testing, we 
run it from makefile on every build. The result is that we don't need to 
browse the entire application to see whether or not the newly added 
chrome fragment works.

We are using a rather complicated autoconf/automake/libtool build system 
for our xul app, so there is no Makefile provided with the source code.

If someone wishes to create an extension-style Makefile.in for the 
framework and try it hands-on, I will provide all the help and data I can.

Sergey Yanovich
- abstract ERP leader
- xpunit maintainer

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