[Project_owners] mailing list spam [was: Weird bug report is spam?]

sharon steiman setiat at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 23:22:33 PDT 2007

Hi I just finished to update the set at home toolbar you can download it from
here: http://setihometoolbar.ourtoolbar.com

2007/8/17, Kerry L. Thomas <kklynnt at bledsoe.net>:
> Thanks David, It certainly does no good to be open source if we hide
> everything.
> For me the whole point of being here is to develop my project to be the
> absolute best it can be
> and of course the only way I can do that is get others involved--I
> certainly don't want to hide my project from those that can do far more for
> it than I can.
> Seems that Spam is the key problem, so I'm in the brainstorming mode to
> fix that.
> Once again thanks for you help. :)   Kerry
> David Boswell wrote:
> Additional note: I was under the impression that my project would
> be listed in the projects list once I notified mozdev I was ready.
> For some reason, my project appeared there before I
> made any requests for it to be listed. (Not complaining-just
> relatingthe facts)
> There is a New Projects list that is automatically generated and we
> could hide this list if people thought this was best.  Hiding things
> may help reduce the amount of spam that projects receive, although at
> some point I think it is counter-productive for an open source project
> to hide too much information about users and projects.
> There is also a section on the home page where we announce new projects
> (the name of this section may need to be changed to avoid confusion).
> This list is currently manually updated whenever a project owner
> contacts me and tells me their project is ready to announce.  It is
> this section that the welcome email to new project owners references
> and I don't believe the other list is mentioned in that email.
> David
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