[Project_owners] Removal of inactive project

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 10:53:31 PDT 2007

We don't currently remove projects and we use the inactive projects
list as a way of getting those projects out of the way of the active
ones.  Keeping abandoned projects there isn't a waste of resources, but
we are considering possibly purging some projects that were created but
never started.  

One thing we can do for owners of abandoned/inactive projects is shut
down the mailing list so you don't keep getting moderation messages. 
If you're getting spam from a list you're not using, I can help you fix


> I am sorry for posting this to the owners list, but I can't seem to
> find the correct e-mail address to which to contact about removal of
> inactive project. My project has been inactive for a long time, and
> the account for it on Mozdev has not been used for it. Now i'm
> discontinuing and would so the project can be removed so not to waste
> resources (unless removal is more of a waste of resrouces then
> keeping it there :P)

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