[Project_owners] Active List not so active?

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 10:06:39 PDT 2007

> Today on the active list I see a whole bunch of projects that I
> haven't seen in a long while including some where the pages are still

> the original templates and some that haven't been updated for years. 
> Did something happen to the SQL query behind the active list?

The active list did jump from about 100+ projects to 200+ projects when
we made the recent change to how we track activity.  I believe this is
largely due to the fact that the original system only looked at CVS
activity in a project's www directory, but the new system looks at a
project's entire CVS repository as well as activity in other tools,
like bugzilla.  I think there are at least some projects that haven't
touched their project's web pages but are using CVS or bugzilla for

With all that having been said though, the definition of an active
project is arbitrary and we can change it if needed.  If you think
there are some projects on the active list that shouldn't be there,
send us the links and tell us why it shouldn't be there.


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