[Project_owners] Weird bug report is spam?

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 13:05:51 PDT 2007


You can change the settings of your mailing list to make it private and
accessible only by people you add.  Please email me off list and I can
help you make those changes.


  Maybe shutting down my list for now would help me get more settled
I looking at setting up a private mailing list that I can control
frommy end and still allow those interested to sign-up. 
Still expect to be spammed, but at least then I can just remove
themfrom my list without affecting anyone else. 

I do appreciate the support and For now please remove my list and
we'llsee how everything goes,

Thanks to all, Kerry

David Boswell wrote:      
Hello David, I was wondering exactly what I need to do to withdraw
myextension project from mozdev.orgI realize you guys have very little
if any control over spam, but itquite annoying to find my mailbox
littered by spammers.     
Spam is a big problem and we are working to fix this problem. Hopefully
just turning off your mailing list can fix the immediateproblem and
allow you to focus on working on your project.  If you dowant me to
shut down your list, let me know.We are also working on providing other
ways for project developers tocommunicate with people about their work,
specifically by providingblogs, forums and wikis.  These features are
on the top of our roadmapand should be available in the not too distant
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