[Project_owners] Weird bug report is spam?

Pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Fri Aug 17 04:10:41 PDT 2007


>> Note: I did not visit the URL, but you might (be prepared)!

I visited it, hey, with safari on a mac,
noone can hurt me !

The website (intertechnica in russia) looks ok,
it's a shop for computers, laundrymachines etc.

The intropage, made in microsoft frontpage,
indeed has a strange, encoded piece of
javascript on it. which eventually tries to
download a wmv from dodo32.org or so it seems.
ofcourse, I could care less. it doesnt crash
my firefox either.

So maybe that javascript was inserted by
a virus in ms frontpage. This may be a serious
bugreport. But the guy should clean his computer
before he builds a website.


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