[Project_owners] Good place to learn Programming scripts?

Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Wed Aug 15 16:19:29 PDT 2007

If I want to check syntax on (say) the "explode" function, I just point 
my browser to "uk.php.net/explode" - the PHP website does the rest. I'm 
in the UK, so I use "uk.php.net" as my nearest mirror; use your nearest 
mirror for the best response (as a general rule).

I had a colleague who had downloaded the manual, and searched through 
it; when we compared techniques, mine proved the fastest in all cases!

Marco Pivetta wrote:
> The best place where you can learn to use PHP is a book about PHP with 
> as many examples as possible... If you do not want to buy a book try 
> to download the php reference manual from www.php.net 
> <http://www.php.net>, but that way it is harder :)
> 2007/8/15, JD Gunter <jgunter1992 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:jgunter1992 at gmail.com>>:
>     Seems like the best place to ask, and Google isn't being he best
>     of help right now.
>     But have any of you any suggestions on where I could learn some
>     basic types of scripting?
>     I'm interested in Pearl, PHP/HTTP kinda stuff.
>     I'll admit I'm "n00by" when it comes to this stuff.
>     So any help is nice. =)
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