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Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 12:26:38 PDT 2007


A week ago, I posted a 5-question survey at surveymonkey.com asking for your input on a more formal project
adoption policy (http://mozdev.org/pipermail/project_owners/2007-August/009987.html). 

Thank you to everyone who took the survey! mozdev appreciates your time and feedback. Here are summarized results. If you'd like more details, please let me know.

The board of directors will use this feedback to drive its policy decision in the following weeks. Future emails to this list will detail and explain this policy, which may result in a change to mozdev's terms of service.

Eric H. Jung
mozdev board of directors

 Should users be permitted to adopt existing, abandoned projects?

Yes: 77.8%
No - users should be forced to fork the abandoned project by creating a new project: 22.2%

After how many months of inactivity should a project be considered
eligible for adoption? Inactivity is defined by a lack of CVS checkins,
list posts, webpage or bugzilla updates, content changes to any future
mozdev service as well as to any externally-hosted service for the
project (e.g., wiki, forums, blog hosted at a private domain)

Average: 7.91

How many and how frequently should emails be sent by mozdev to the
original project owner(s) before transferring ownership to the other

Number of emails? average: 4.26
Days between each email? average: 13.41 
Days to wait for reply to final
 email? 24.34

Should "hostile takeovers" be permitted? That is, if a project owner
has stopped development on his project but does not want to relinquish
ownership, should another user be granted ownership anyway?

Yes: 2.8%
No: 77.8%
Depends - please specify: 19.4%

If the original project owner(s) do not reply to mozdev's contact
attempts and the project is subsequently adopted by another user, what
should happen if the original project owner(s) resurface at a future

Project ownership should be transferred back to the original owner(s): 25.7%
Project ownership should be retained by the adoptee(s): 31.4%
Other - please specify: 42.9%

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