[Project_owners] New Project Activity lists

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 09:47:03 PDT 2007

We just made the new project activity lists live and these replace the
previous Active, Inactive and Abandonded lists with New, Active and
Inactive lists.  The main advantage to the new system is that projects
that have been started but not touched by a project owner are no longer
in among the list of truly active projects.

The new lists are also set up as RSS feeds and they will send you a
notification when your project is about to be moved from the Active to
the Inactive lists.  If you disagree with how your project is currently
listed, please send an email to webmaster at mozdev.org.

I thought some of the stats from the new lists were interesting.  There
are currently 1614 projects hosted on mozdev and

- 259 projects are active (they have had some activity in the last 180

- 1001 projects are inactive (they have not had any activity in the
last 180 days)

- 354 projects are new (they have not yet been worked on by their
project owner (although the phrase ‘new project’ is misleading since
some of these projects were started years ago.))

You can find these stats at


You can find the different project listings at



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