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Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Fri Aug 10 15:50:18 PDT 2007

eric.jung at yahoo.com wrote:
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> From: Jussi Kalliokoski <jussi at kalliokosket.net>
> >(I mean... C'mon.. A command named cd.. ? are you kidding me? that 
> should refer to a file called cd<
> As if "ls" is any better? :)
> I'm sure you know that cd stands for "change directory". What does ls 
> stand for? I read an article many years ago that it originally (i.e., 
> in the 1960s) was "lsd", as a nod towards the hallucinogen, but was 
> subsequently changed to "ls" for that very same reason.
I think that Jussi meant that "cd.." is not semantically the same 
command as "cd ..".   "cd.." could (under *nix) be a file:
/tmp/$ echo echo "Hello, World" > cd..
/tmp/$ chmod 755 cd..
/tmp/$ cd..
Hello, World
/tmp/$ cd ..

"ls" is short of "list" - that is to say, "list files"

Steve Parker

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