[Project_owners] FireCom Console Application

Jussi Kalliokoski jussi at kalliokosket.net
Fri Aug 10 13:22:50 PDT 2007

Hello everyone, I just started out a new project, and I'd want some 
people to join working on it with me, since this is the first project 
I've been in.

You want to know what this about, right? Well, this is about my 
frustration caused by Windows Console (Command Line, as some people called).
The first thing wrong about it, is the UI, it totally sucks. I mean, you 
can resize the window. Only vertically! You can't customize how it 
looks, you can't use the normal shortcuts in it, etc.
The second (and worst) thing is the syntax. (I mean... C'mon.. A command 
named cd.. ? are you kidding me? that should refer to a file called cd.. 
, commands don't include dots) so what I want to make possible, is to 
choose the syntax! So that you can either pick a unix syntax for the 
console, or the crappy windows syntax if you like that.
I also want to make this cross-platform, so that people who've been 
using windows all their lives can also use windows syntax on Linux 
(highly ill-advised, but oh well, I don't want to make much limitations, 
like the company that tries to be the worst enemy of the Open Source 

So, everyone who's interested, c'mon aboard!


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