[Project_owners] Project takeover request

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Fri Aug 3 06:07:48 PDT 2007

Transferring ownership of a project should not be done lightly. If 
someone really wants to pickup an unmaintained project then fork it and 
try in good faith and over a period of time to contact the owners. If 
after a length of time the owner(s) can't be found the fork could be 
merged back in. Ofcourse I'm not talking about those projects that never 
really started.

There does seem to need to be a way to cull dead/abandoned things 
somehow. But then there is lots of code that is, if nothing else, 
instructive in there. The email before changing project status is a 
needed change, maybe my project will get off those lists ;)

Just my 2 cents.


Scott wrote:

>Ezequiel Calderara wrote:
>>On 8/2/07, *Scott* <sgrayban at gmail.com <mailto:sgrayban at gmail.com>>
>>    Charles Melhorn wrote:
>>    Not frustrating ---- some developers just don't care after while and
>>    that is why you should have passed it on to someone new that did care.
>>    We got it..... you own the original code and we all know what the GPL
>>    is.... You need to remember that as well when you want to merge in
>>    code
>>    from other forks too.
>>I really don't know much about licenses and other stuff...
>>But why he has to handle the project if he doesn't wan't to.
>>I know it's GPL, its open and can be modified and all stuff...
>>But why handle the project?
>>I think that's unnecessary, because you can get the code, modifiy it
>>and upload a new project based on the last one.
>>Some has less time to some stuff than others...
>I fail to understand your point here. Are you saying that no one should
>have the opportunity to continue a dead project just because its GPL? I
>know hundreds in the past that have been taken over after the
>developer(s) have long since disappeared. There is no reason to make the
>end-user suffer is there?
>-- Scott
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