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>If the original owner doesn't respond within a week, the project is handed over<

I think this should be extended. Often people go on holiday for 1+ weeks without checking email. I also think the request for a response from the project owner should come from mozdev.org, not a (potentially competing) project owner.  I also think it's important that mozdev.org attempt to contact the original owner instead of taking the new project owner's word for it. I hope that happened in the case of mdhashtool.mozdev.org (not that I don't trust Scott, but I think it's the polite thing to do).

>Personally, I think an owner shouldn't be compelled to hand over a
project if they don't want to even if they aren't updating their

I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with this. Some projects will have reached maturity and thereby become "inactive" simply because the original goals of the project have been met. In other cases, the original project owner may not agree with the direction that the new project owner wants to take the project.

>Since all code is under an open source license, people can
always take the code and create a new project.<


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