[Project_owners] New Adoption Policy proposal

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 17:02:26 PDT 2007

I think having a more clearly defined adoption policy makes sense. 
Let's work through the mechanics of how we want it to work and then we
can add it to the Terms of Use.

So the current system works like this: If someone is interested in
taking over a project that hasn't been updated in a while (defined now
by being a project on the Abandoned projects list) they should email
the project owner and copy a site admin.  If the owner responds and is
willing to hand over the project, the project is handed over.  If the
original owner doesn't respond within a week, the project is handed
over.  If the owner responds and wants to keep the project, the project
is not handed over.

Personally, I think an owner shouldn't be compelled to hand over a
project if they don't want to even if they aren't updating their
project.  Since all code is under an open source license, people can
always take the code and create a new project.  If most people on the
list disagree with this though, we can change the policy.


> Hello project developers,
> The thread is the start of a new Adoption Policy proposal on MozDev.
> The current Adoption Policy is more of a informal one and I am
> proposing
> a formal one that will eliminate the following problems with the
> current
> policy... the main issue at hand is that currently if a project owner
> has stopped doing any work on there project they have indefinite
> rights
> to keep ownership, even if others have made contributions in any
> fashion
> to keep the addon working, EG; attachments made to existing
> un-answered bugs
> These proposed changes will set a defined time limit when a project
> can
> be handed over to a new maintainer even if the maintainer comes back.
> 1) Project has not been updated over 1 year. (Updated means no bug,
> web,
> mailing list or source has been replied/answered/updated by the
> original
> maintainer.)
>     Also this does not include "future promises" of working on it.
> 2) The owner has not replied to any emails prior to the 1 year.
> An example to this policy comes from SourceForge.....
> Any GPL or Other license that is considered Open Source project that
> has
> been inactive for over 1 year can be taken over by a new developer
> regardless of any "promises by the original developer". The original
> developer can not take his project back after it has been
> transferred.
> The original developer however can ask to be added as co-developer by
> the new maintainer but that is not enforce by any staff. If the SF
> project is GPL and is transferred the original developer can not
> demand
> it back for any reason. Emails are sent for that reason, to get the
> original maintainer to reply.
> ----
> Comments to this proposal ?
> -- Scott
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