[Project_owners] Project activity list reactivation emails

Douglas E. Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Thu Aug 2 11:22:39 PDT 2007

We're in the process of redefining the project activity lists 
(http://www.mozdev.org/projects/active.html) so that instead of 
the "Active," "Inactive," and "Abandoned" lists we 
have "Unstarted"/"New," "Active," and "Inactive".

The lists will be built based on a number of criteria instead of just the 
commits to the 'www' directory for a project - initially it will be based on 
any CVS activity as well as bugzilla activity.  We're trying to separate out 
the "young" projects from the active list so it's more representative of 
projects being actively developed as well as dropping the "abandoned" 

When a project moves from the active list to the inactive list there will be a 
series of emails to give the projects a chance to stay on the active list 
even if they're otherwise relatively inactive (no CVS activity, no bugs 

My question to the project owners: should the reactivation emails be sent to 
just the project owners, or also to a project's contributors?

The email is currently planned to be sent at 21 and 7 days before the project 
becomes inactive, as well as when the project moves to the inactive list (3 
emails total).  If people think these times or the quantity of emails should 
be changed, let me know that as well.

We should point out that other than moving from one list to another, there 
isn't any other repercussions of being marked "inactive."

Thanks for your help and insight.

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