[Project_owners] Finding Mozilla development work

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Wed Apr 25 13:11:22 PDT 2007

David Boswell wrote:
> A while ago we set up a project to try to help match up people looking
> to work as a Mozilla developer with employers looking to hire people
> with Mozilla development skills.  I think the project is hard to find
> though, so I wanted to mention it here so people are aware of it.
> http://consultants.mozdev.org/
> I'm mentioning this now because a job opportunity was recently listed
> on the consultants mailing list that people might be interested in.
And I was recently contacted by a recruiter looking for a 
Firefox-knowledgable engineer. I advised her to post to that list, so if 
you're interested in Mozilla-related jobs, watch that list.


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