[Project_owners] request for tests

ivan averintsev ivan at strg.at
Wed Apr 11 07:26:34 PDT 2007


we are currently planning to modernize mozdev.org setup a little bit, stepping
up to apache 2 and php 5 from apache 1.3 / php 4. there's such a setup on the
staging server, vebzom.org. i would like to ask all of you to take a look at
the setup and to drop me a line if you notice anything unusual.
if the tests are successful, we would like to perform some tests on the
production server. this would happen tomorrow, on 12. April 2007, at 16:00
CEST, and would most probably only take some 5-10 minutes at most. after those
production tests, we'd switch back to the original setup, so nobody should be
affected outside of the defined time window. the final switchover will happen
some time later, you will be informed about that step as well.

thanks in advance for your help,
ivan // mozdev.org sysadmin team

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