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Hi Matt,

The name of the file you are publishing in downloads is cingularminutesminder_04_2.xpi, so you can use the link: http://downloads.mozdev.org/cingularminutes/cingularminutesminder_04_2.xpi to connect directly to the release.

I guess thats the obvious thing :-)


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I have a separate blog (it's just easier to update) for general population to see the day to day updates and get the latest release (if AMO would ever approve me my question might be moot).  My question is that I can't post a link to the latest revision of my extension that will get redirected to a mirror, I have to link to one of the mirrors.  The  http://downloads.mozdev.org/cingularminutes takes me to a mirror's listing of my extension's releases, but if the most recent release is cingularminutes_04_2.xpi then I'd like to just post a link to  http://downloads.mozdev.org/cingularminutes/cingularminutes_04_2.xpi so that they can just click on the link directly instead of clicking the link, being redirected and then having to choose the most recent version from an ugly white backgrounded page.  The only other option (that I've found) is to just link to one of the mirrors, but that sort of defeats the point. 

Am I missing something obvious here?
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