[Project_owners] Abandoned project -not

Pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Fri Sep 29 01:34:06 EDT 2006


> As for the other comments, getting rid of the active/inactive/abandoned
> categories would be fine, but we need something to replace it.  This is
> a community site and it should be whatever the community wants.  Feel
> free to design a new plan and run with it.

what are the options ? are the projects, and their admins
mailadresses, maintained in some database ?

what you need, i suppose, is some extra properties
on every project, like
- a list of admins and mailadresses
- a category,
- some status (devel/beta/done/staging),..,
- a version
- abandonded (yes/no)
and you want the admin of the project to maintain
it, or it wouldn't be scalable.

one mozlike option would be to put such
properties as RDF statements in a file
in every project dir :-)

activity is ofcourse something you measure,
if you like it. but dont misinterpret it:
as an enduser, I like stable projects better
than devel projects.


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