[Project_owners] Abandoned project -not

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 15:32:52 EDT 2006

Having an email sent to the project owner when the project moves off of
the active list is a good idea.  I added this to bugzilla so we won't
lose track of the idea:


As for the other comments, getting rid of the active/inactive/abandoned
categories would be fine, but we need something to replace it.  This is
a community site and it should be whatever the community wants.  Feel
free to design a new plan and run with it.

My opinion is that we should tweak the current way we define activity
so that it will to into account projects that are on mozdev but don't
use CVS.  We could also check for activity on the lists or in bugzilla.
 If a project is just being hosted on mozdev to point to a development
site somewhere else though, then I think it belongs on the external
project list.


> One way to avoid confusion, is have the process that
> moves a project to the abandoned list (if there is such
> a process), send mail to the admin saying it happened.
> That is, if that process knows the emailaddress of the
> admin. I have no clue how mozdev is organized, I'm afraid :-)
> And then, a "click here to reactivate your project" link
> would be real cool .. just dreaming ..
> $2c,
> *pike
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