[Project_owners] nsIProcess run() OSX

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Thu Sep 28 11:29:36 EDT 2006

Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
> Hi list,
> MozPhone (moziax.mozdev.org) is using the nsIProcess interface's run()
> method to start an external program in non blocking mode (first argument
> to run() is false). It works fine on Windows and Linux, but it seems to
> block on Mac OSX (have to kill the program to continue using the
> extension). I could not find info about this; is this a known problem,
> is there a workaround ?

I guess you want to look at 
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=307463, maybe that's the cause.

Or post in the xpcom newsgroup on news.mozilla.org, you may find more 
nsIProcess hackers over there.


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