[Project_owners] Firefox 2 compat testing?

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Thu Sep 28 11:20:22 EDT 2006

HJ van Rantwijk wrote:
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> Michael Buckley wrote:
>> I wonder if the extension has to be approved my the date in the "bribe
>> mails" chances are a lot are going to miss out, there going to need more
>> reviewers I think.
> The Mo[F|C]o should give people a little more credit when they are
> around for a long time already, which is currently not the case I guess
> right?
> Who are these reviewers anyway?

Does http://wiki.mozilla.org/Update:List_of_reviewers answer that 
question? Roughly 60 folks as of now. And as Michael said, that list is 
open to additions. Though I wonder if that's the 'credit' you've been 
talking about.
As a side note, when checking in to the main tree, there's no such thing 
as 'credit' to get around reviews. I personally would assume that 
reviewers could pick extensions to work on, so if someone knows your 
extension from a previous review, she may want to pick it and be done 
faster. But that's as far as credit goes with Mozilla development.


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