[Project_owners] nsIProcess run() OSX

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at sysnux.pf
Wed Sep 27 16:57:10 EDT 2006

Didier Ernotte a écrit :
> What append exactly ? the forked program never starts ? never ends ? the 
> extension is hung ? wait for the completion of the forked process ? is 
> it a never ending process ? can you see the PID of the forked process ?

Actually someone else is trying to port MozPhone to OS X, so I'm just
reporting the problem he has. The extension starts, then forkes the
external program: the external program is running OK, but the extension
is hung until the forked process terminates. On Windows and Linux, the
extension just continues running after it has forked the external
program: this is needed for MozPhone.


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