[Project_owners] Google Browser Sync Settings extension (Aaron, you there?)

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 22:07:22 EDT 2006

GBS uses nsICommandLine to implement it's startup. We register a
command line with priority 'a' (the highest priority) and then
unregister the other command line handlers (including the browser)
temporarily while the setup wizard runs. Then we re-register the
original handlers and execute the original command.

It's on a todo list to remove this madness; but I hadn't planned to do
it for the next version.

Ways I can think of to get in before GBS:

* Try xpcom-startup? I think this should fire before the command line
handler stuff runs.
* Try using observer service and listening for the first domwindowopened topic?

- a

On 9/26/06, eric.jung at yahoo.com <eric.jung at yahoo.com> wrote:
> HJ van Rantwijk wrote:
> >Oh dear, I can't help you any further, not after reading the license.
> Heh. I didn't even read the license--I just downloaded the xpi to look at the source; I didn't install it. Out of curiosity, what did you find objectionable in the license?
> Michael Buckley wrote:
> >I though that extensions could not be proprietary according to Mozilla requirements about extension licenses.<
> You're probably thinking of mozdev.org. Google Browser Sync isn't hosted there, so it's not subject to mozdev rules.
> Anyone else able to help?
> -Eric
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