[Project_owners] Google Browser Sync Settings extension (Aaron, you there?)

Eric H. Jung eric.jung at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 16:39:20 EDT 2006


When Google Browser Sync Settings is first installed, it starts a one-time setup wizard. This wizard makes calls to Google, but unless the FoxyProxy extension is started first, those Google calls won't route through the user's proxies. Users have complained that "FoxyProxy isn't compatible with Google Browser Sync Settings", even though with subsequent browser execution the two extensions work perfectly together. It's only the initial execution after Google Browser Sync Settings is installed that's a problem (because of its wizard).

FoxyProxy initializes itself by observing app-startup in one of its XPCOM components. It's not entirely clear to me how Google Browser Sync Settings starts its wizard, partially because its JS has been obfuscated, eh, I mean minimized (i.e., no whitespace). I can see, however, that it occurs in the browser.xul overlay.

Assuming it's using an observer too, is there any way to start my component before its overlay kicks in? More generally, are app-startup (or any other event) listeners called in any deterministic way?


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