[Project_owners] Re: Getting the gecko version (problem solved, thanks)

HJ van Rantwijk bugs4hj at aim.com
Sat Sep 23 11:50:02 EDT 2006

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Robert Kaiser wrote:
> HJ van Rantwijk schrieb:
>> Neil wrote:
>>> SeaMonkey also has a XULAppInfo implementation.
>> Ok, and how do we use it?  I can't find nsIXULAppInfo.idl in SeaMonkey.
> Neil didn't say we have a separate definition of the interface (that
> wouldn't make any sense), just that we have an implementation of it.

Neither did I, but my first thought was that the /toolkit/ idl was a
Mozilla Firefox only one, which was still very early in the morning when
I looked for it, and everything is sorted so thanks everyone.

> We're using the same IDL as everyone else, which happens to live in
> toolkit/ somewhere.
> The only reason why even our xpfe-based versions implement this is to
> have the same interface there as toolkit apps, so extensions like
> ChatZilla (which was the first consumer of it) can detect us, get the
> used brand name, etc.
> Robert Kaiser

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