[Project_owners] http://www.mozdev.org/community/irc.html

Nickolay Ponomarev asqueella at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 00:22:43 EDT 2006

Hey everyone,

I think it would helpful to link to the more "official" IRC channels
for developer support from http://www.mozdev.org/community/irc.html
instead of or along with the link to #mozdev.

("Official" channels being those that are linked from MDC and a few
other sites - #extdev, #xul, #js.)

As far as I could see, #mozdev is almost empty, so people are much
more likely to get help in other, more active channels.


(This is probably a wrong list for the suggestion, but it's the only
mozdev list I'm subscribed to, so please forgive me ;)

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