[Project_owners] Reminder: Migration testing

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 17:15:52 EDT 2006

> Sounds great, but I'm not sure that I've seen an answer to HJ's 
> question: what kind of testing can we usefully do on the new machine?

You can test cvs, bugzilla and the test mailing list all on the new
server.  Those are the main pieces of functionality on the site and
those should all be testable even with the issue with the links. 
Basically, I would recommend looking at your project's site pages on
the test server and then checking those tools.  

For those of you with projects created after we populated the test site
with data, you are still welcome to test the tools.  For instance, all
data entered into the bugzilla on the test site will be deleted before
the migration.

Again, if people need more time for testing, we can extend the
deadline.  The plan is for the admins to meet Tuesday morning and pick
a migration date and time.  Please respond before then if you have
concerns about the testing.


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