[Project_owners] Extensions using RDF and/or localstore

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Tue Oct 31 05:53:38 PST 2006

Nickolay Ponomarev wrote:
> On 10/31/06, Axel Hecht <axel at pike.org> wrote:
>> Myk Melez wrote:
>> > HJ van Rantwijk wrote:
>> >> Is there a newsgroup/forum for developers who use, or plan to use, the
>> >> mozstorage API?
>> >>
>> > There's always mozilla.dev.extensions, which is fairly active these
>> > days.  But there doesn't seem to be a newsgroup specific to mozstorage
>> > (presumably it would be something like mozilla.dev.tech.storage).
>> I doubt that we should have a newsgroup for that.
> We do lack a newsgroup for various Toolkit functionality, storage
> included, which can be used from extensions, XULRunner applications,
> and internal code. Not that people ever post to the right group
> anyway.

Benjamin declared .platform to be the newsgroup for xulrunner 
discussions, I'd take mozstorage questions, there, too.


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