[Project_owners] addEventListener with "click" event

Thomas Reitmayr treitmayr at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 29 10:52:52 PST 2006

starting with Firefox 2.0 "click" event handling of my extension (Checkyesss) stopped working. Basically there was no reaktion on clicks anymore. With the original code

  panel.addEventListener("click", this, false);

the object's handleEvent function should be called, i.e. it implements the nsIEventListener interface. This definitely worked with Firefox 1.5. Now I could reanimate the event by changing the above line to:

  panel.addEventListener("click", gCheckyesss.handleEvent, false);

BTW, catching "mouseover" and "mouseout" continued to function the nsIEventListener-way.
As I could not find an entry in Bugzilla, did anyone else experience this behavior?

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