[Project_owners] reference to undefined property Components.interfaces.nsIAutoCompleteSearch

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Tue Oct 17 05:34:31 PDT 2006

In TB 2.0a1 I'm seeing this error when I display a dialog with an 
autocomplete textbox after registering the attached component.

Warning: reference to undefined property 
Source File: chrome://global/content/autocomplete.xml
Line: 116


The dialog code looks like

	<textbox id="textbox1"
		autocompletesearch="mailnewsfolders" />

The console output says:

### ERROR - unable to create search "mailnewsfolders".
[ from autocomplete.xml#120, seems as a result of the above error ]

delaying registration   [ from foo.js#75 ]
registration continuing [ from foo.js#79 ]

I've (as can be seen) tried all sorts of things to see where something 
is being silly, but I just can't work out how 
Components.interfaces.nsIAutoCompleteSearch could vanish.

Anyone got a clue?

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