[Project_owners] No "default action" on mailing list admin pages?

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+mozdevnews at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 16 02:27:21 PDT 2006

Matthew Wilson venit, vidit, dixit 2006-10-13 18:44:
> Have we lost the "default action" on the administration pages for the 
> mailing lists?
> I see only the 2 "Discard all messages marked Defer" checkboxes.
> Matthew

For me, "defer" is selected automatically for all messages; I think it
used to be "default". By checking "Discard all messages marked Defer" I
achieve the same as I used to be checking "Discard" for the default action.

In any case, that page is bearable for me only after tailoring it with a
grease monkey script which checks all "Add to sender filter" and "Ban
from subscribing" check boxes. I get too much spam to the aboutconfig
list. Another gm script helps FF remember the admin pw.


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