[Project_owners] Getting download count from addons.mozilla.com

Michael Buckley michael.buckley at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 8 14:56:53 PDT 2006

Oh, if updating causes it to tick over, I am not really interested any
more.  I though it was like the FireFox hit counter, updates go though a
different path and don't change the count.  But since update dose I have
noticed cause such a hike in download that dose sound right.

I was trying to get it with php to ad it into my web site, not with an
extension, by the way.

God Bless

Didier Ernotte wrote:
>What kind of counter do you want ? the counter you can see on the AMO page, 
>which is a grand total counter for all published version of the same 
>extension. This counter is not very meaningful because it's linked to the 
>activity of the extension (the more you publish new version the more this 
>counter increase). The other one is the download of the week. This one has 
>more sense, but it's not a counter for all download for one specific 
>I don't know how to get this info with an API from AMO. I read it with an 
>RegExp and parse the HTML with my extension.
>*/Michael Buckley <michael.buckley at hotmail.com>/* wrote:
>     Is is possible to some how get from amo how many times an
>     extension has
>     been downloaded?
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