[Project_owners] Mirrors out of sync

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 7 08:02:01 PDT 2006

We've determined that there was a hardware error on the box that was
used for syncing the mirrors.  We're going to fix that machine and move
the syncing process to another machine in the meantime.  I just opened
a bug for this to help track the problem.


I know this is a highly annoying problem for many people and we will
try to get this resolved as soon as we can.


> There's been a problem for about 4 days.
> Last response for admin was
> The mirrors problem seems to be unrelated to the migration since the
> main mirror box apparently went day the day before we made the switch
> to the new server. Pete is looking into this and we hope to have more
> news soon.
> HJ van Rantwijk wrote, On 07/10/2006 3:42 AM:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > Cool, it is Friday, four weeks after my return and I want to
> release a
> > new update but...none of my files are getting updated on the
> mirrors?!?
> >
> > Anyone else having the same problems?
> >
> > p.s. I already send an e-mail to sysadmin at mozdev.org  but I'm still
> > waiting for approval or at least a reply to this *highly annoying*
> issue.
> >
> > /HJ
> >   
> .
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