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HJ van Rantwijk bugs4hj at aim.com
Fri Oct 6 07:58:24 PDT 2006

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David Boswell wrote:
>> LOL did mozdev.org get that much money from the Mozilla Corporation?
> I don't see any conflict between mozdev's fund raising efforts and the
> efforts to raise money by individual projects.  

Cool, and what about 'commercial' Open Source products?  Can I have one
hosted on mozdev.org?

> The site exists to
> support Mozilla-based projects and money is certainly a type of support
> that some, but not all, projects need.
> As for the Mozilla Foundation grant, they gave us $30,000 this year and
> the same amount for next year to pay for hiring a part-time sysadmin
> and developer.  At the end of the year, we'll do an annual report to
> provide more information about our fundraising activities.

Yeah, I was kind of wondering how mozdev.org was doing.  Seems a little
better again, year after year ;)

>> p.s. who came up with the brilliant idea to move to OSUOSL?
> I'm not sure who exactly had the idea originally.  It should save us a
> few thousand dollars a year in hosting.

Always a plus.

Thanks for the info,
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